How much your CV is worth?
by Dimana

A well-crafted CV can open any door and land you your dream career. Coming up with a resume that perfectly highlights your strengths, skills and experience, and paints you as the ideal candidate, however, can be a bit of a challenge.

Most people struggle to tell when their CV is good, which might lead to incessant tinkering with it and tweaking. Fortunately, there's an easy fix. Adzuna's ValueMyCV tool is a simple and efficient way to find out how good your CV is and identify any areas that might need a bit of extra work.

ValueMyCV will check whether your CV is machine-readable (since most companies will likely run your resume through a computer programme before handing it to HR) and can spot any gaps and missing information. According to experts, a third of all CVs have spelling mistakes which might cost you the job; ValueMyCV spots and highlights these, so you can remain on top of your game.

What's more, ValueMyCV can actually provide you with a market value - a sort of price tag based on your listed experience and skills. This gives you an idea of the average salary you might expect (though, of course, it doesn't mean you should limit yourself to positions only within this range), so you can figure out where you stand. This could be particularly useful if you tend to sell yourself short and help you land the perfect job for your qualifications.

The market value feature can be a life-saver for people looking to make a sharp career turn or a leap. Demand changes with time and if you've been in the same profession for years, you might lose track of how much your skills are worth. ValueMyCV can help you put a price tag to your skillset, especially if you're just starting out and need a little bit of guidance to find your right place.

And if you're not happy with the valuation the tool has given you, it might be because you've forgotten to add some crucial detail - like a key skill or a keyword. Try adding them and see how your market value changes.

Last but not least, ValueMyCV is more than just a tool to polish your CV - it actually pairs you with matching vacancies. Once you have processed your CV through it, ValueMyCV will discover the most suitable openings, saving you hours of researching. Imagine finding your dream job with just a few clicks of a mouse! Additionally, ValueMyCV enables you to set up new job alerts for when a suitable role or vacancy comes online. Once you've landed that dream position, you can turn them off.

Forget about spending days tinkering with your CV. Run it through ValueMyCV and make job hunting feel like a breeze!

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